Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems are life safety systems. Their purpose may be to detect a fire and notify occupants to evacuate the premises if necessary. Systems can be as simple as pull stations with sounders, or may consist of very complex hi-rise mass evacuation. Some systems may control smoke, elevators and may contact the local fire department. Technology changes every day, and so do the capabilities of our modern fire alarm systems. All fire alarms systems must meet local, state and national codes. Code references: NFPA 72, 70, IBC, IFC, IMC.

We are an authorized dealer of: Notifier, Fike, Protectowire, Firelite, and Potter fire alarm systems.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Clean agent fire suppression is used to extinguish a fire in high value spaces such as IT data centers, communication centers, equipment vaults, turbines, generators museum archives, and MRI & CAT scan rooms. In these spaces water may not be as effective, not available, or could cause irreparable damage to sensitive materials. Generally theses gases are odorless, non-corrosive, non-conductive and non-toxic and are specifically intended to not harm equipment or personnel. There are several agents available and depending upon the hazard, we can custom design a system to fit a customer’s needs.

Code references: NFPA 12, 12A, 2001, 75, 76, and others.

We are an authorized dealer of: Fike, Ansul, Victaulic/ Vortex, and Mini-max clean agent fire suppression systems.

Automatic Extinguishing Systems

Automatic Extinguishing Systems are also known as Fire Suppression Systems or Restaurant Kitchen Hood Fire Systems. Liquid Fire Systems with a wet agent, UL 300 standard (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) and Dry Chemical System for kitchens.

We are an authorized dealer of: Ansul, Pyro-chem, Amerex, AFEX extinguishing systems.

Off Road Fire Suppression Systems

Off Road Fire Suppression Systems are used on mobile heavy equipment, such as earth moving, mining, landfill, forestry, steel, paper & pulp, mass transit, and mass transit industries.

Industrial Fire Systems

The Industrial System is a dry chemical – powder system, for Vehicle Paint Spray Booth and Paint Spray rooms UL1254 (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) standard.

We service, repair, install and sell restaurant fire systems and industrial fire systems, according NFPA 96, 17&17A, and local authority having jurisdiction.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Dry Chemical and Dry Powder: Multi-Purpose A.B.C., B.C., Purple K, and more.

Wet Chemical: Water, K-Class, Carbon dioxide (Co2), and more.

Special Types: Halon 1211, Halotron, AFFF and FFFP (Foam), Manual/Automatic Fire Extinguisher, and more.

Extinguisher Accessories: Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Extinguisher Brackets, Extinguisher Signs and Exit Signs, Special locks and Covers, Pull guards, Nozzle Caps and Seals, and more.

We service, sell and install all types of Fire Extinguishers, according to NFPA 10, and local authority having jurisdiction.

We are an authorized dealer of: Amerex, Ansul, and J&L